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BIS 219 Final Set 5

In this document of BIS 219 Final Set 5 you will find the next information:

1. _______________ are self-contained, self-describing business and consumer modular applications, delivered over the Internet, that users can select and combine through almost any device, ranging from personal computers to mobile phones. 2. The most traditional model of client server computing uses the _______________ to act as a database server providing data for analysis done by the PC clients using spreadsheets, database management systems, and application software.3. The _______________ part of the supply chain includes the activities of a manufacturing company with its first-tier suppliers (which can be manufacturers and/or assemblers) and their connection to their second-tier suppliers. 4. The part of the supply chain which is mainly concerned with production management, manufacturing, and inventory control is:5. _______________ is the high-level map or plan of the information requirements of an organization, which is used to guide current operations and plan future ones. 6. _______________ includes the system hardware, development software, networks and communications facilities, databases, and information systems personnel. 7. A _______________ handles the day-to-day, routine, repetitive tasks that are essential to the operation of the organization. Activities supported include the monitoring, collection, storage, processing and dissemination of the organization

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