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BIS 320 Week 2 DQs

The pack of BIS 320 Week 2 Discussion Questions consists of:

DQ1: How do database reports and queries facilitate decision making? Provide three examples.

DQ2: When preparing end of the year information for stockholders, how can charts help illustrate the information that stockholders are interested in? Provide specific examples. Is it possible to skew the charts to make the data appear better than it really is? If so, what are some examples of how this might happen?

DQ3: Read “Guide: No Thanks, I’ll Use a Spreadsheet” in Ch. 5 of MIS Essentials. To what extent do you agree with the opinions presented? To what extent are the concerns expressed justified? To what extent might they be due to other factors? What problems do you see with the way that the car salesperson stores address data? Considering the limited information in this scenario, do you think a database or a spreadsheet is a better solution? Defend your response.

DQ4: You manage a group of seven employees in a small business. Each of your employees wants to be connected to the Internet. Considering the following alternatives, what equipment and lines would be required for each alternative? What actions would you need to take to create each alternative? Which of these alternatives do you recommend?

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