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BSA 502 Week 3 DQs

In this archive file of BSA 502 Week 3 Discussion Questions you will find:

DQ1: In the article Top 10 in Forward-Looking Tech (2007), the Gartner Group discusses 10 strategic technologies and trends. Select one of these trends and summarize information found on the Internet relating to this trend. Make sure to note your source(s).

DQ2: Based on Wall’s (2007) article, what are some of the efficiencies Airbus hope to gain by using RFIDs? How will it help them be more competitive?

DQ3: Using computers is one way the service sector is improving productivity. Find a services-based firm on the Internet, and discuss one of the services offered on its website.

DQ4: Some of the new manufacturing techniques discussed in your text include flexible manufacturing, lean manufacturing, mass customization, competing in time, and computer aided design and manufacturing. Explain one of the techniques and how information systems support the technique you chose.

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