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BSOP 334 Week 5 CheckPoint

This file of BSOP 334 Week 5 CheckPoint covers the next questions:

1. (TCO 9) The following feature of ERP makes it valuable as a strategic planning tool

2. (TCO 7) Which MRP approach is used for components or subassemblies to compensate for variations in lead time?

3. (TCO 5) Net requirements for Component J are as follows: 60 units in Week 2, 40 units in Week 3, and 60 units in Week 5. If a fixed-period, three-period lot-sizing method is used, what will be the quantity of the first planned receipt?

4. (TCO 9) Which statement concerning MRP II is false?

5. (TCO 7) Small changes in consumer demand can result in large variations in orders placed because of the _____.

6. (TCO 7) Effective supply chain management has all of the following benefits, except

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**** *** Week 5 **********

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