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Business Writing - business report outline

Students will create a business outline that details information obtained through attendance of a conference, meeting, or training workshop. The outline is preparation for a report that will ultimately be submitted to the department manager. Information used for the outline and subsequent report can be taken from real life experience or through research.

1. Outline should have an Introduction, with one or two paragraphs, summarizing the conference, workshop, or meeting that was attended, the date(s) of attendance, etc. 

2. The remainder of the outline should incorporate sections thatfocus on the main points of the conference, workshop, or meeting that was attended. The sub-points for each section should provide more detail to support the section header (main points). Each section should be written using complete sentences, using appropriate, grammar, punctuation, and word usage.

3. The outline should have a conclusion that incorporates any recommendations, analyses, or perceptions about the conference, workshop or meeting that was attended.

4. Cite all information that was obtained through third party sources AND include a Reference or Source page for all third party sources used.

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