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Calculate the geometric mean of the following percent increases: 8, 12, 14, 26, and 4. Calculate the geometric mean of the following percent...

Year 4: Expected net cash flows

€ 5.000.000

€ 3.000.000

€ 5.000.000

12. Calculate the NPV of the film, "Cat Farm"

13. Calculate the NPV of the film, "Best Friends Forever"

14. Calculate the NPV of the film, "Ashley and Garfield: A Love Story"

15. Based on your calculations, which film do you believe Fabulous Films should produce? Briefly explain your decision.

  1. Suppose that, when you were born, your parents set-up a special savings account to help pay for your future studies. Now that you are about to graduate from high school, your parents inform you that you may withdraw $14,000 from this account each year for 6 years.Calculate the present value of this stream of payments (preferably using the PVOA).The applicable interest rate is 3,5%, compounded annually.
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