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I would like you to write a simple response just reply to these 2 discussions with 100 words each.

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NO REFRENCE just simple reply.

Here is the first one

 Nazism dominated for 12 years for one reason and that is leadership. The control that the leadership of Germany had over its people and nation was out of control. The rise of the Nazism was done through public speeches and exploitations of power through brain washing and scare tactics. Hitler was such a powerful leader and speaker that when he spoke people listened. The control he had over his armies and his people was unlike anything we have ever seen before. In order to have your armies and your people to stand behind world domination through military force and murdering millions of people who were different than them you must have the support and power to hold control for so long. I do not personally belief we will ever have the level of Nazism in our world today. We have other forms of Nazism today and that is called terrorism. We will never allow a dictator to rise up and kill 11 million again. We will have nuclear fall out before that happens. If a dictator like Putin and Kim Jung Un wanted to fire a nuclear attack against anyone there will be a lot of deaths than 11 million. There is Nazism today but in a different form. It is more advanced, smarter, and potentially more deadly than Hitler’s reign. It is possible that North Korea could be the next major dictator to be a potential deadly situation.  

Here is the second one

After the world war 1 Germany was left in bad shape and the Treaty of Versailles did not help, It is always important to point out that the Nazi party and Nazism overall was voted for and accepted by the Germans. The promise to rebuild Germany and make those who wrong Germany forcing them to accept such an uneven treaty spoke to the Germans. These promises made by Hitler created a sense of patriotism and when Germany started to come up from the rubble it was left in people began to buy the propaganda more and thus were more willing to accept or look past the horrible reality that became a part of Nazi Germany. I Dont believe that something to the scale as what happened in Nazi Germany  can happen again but we have seen smaller scale genocide happen in Africa in the middle east and more 3rd world countries. Isis in the pursuit of cleanse the world of impurities very often target non Muslims. In Tanzania Albino people have been targeted because of the way they look. I do not believe that an established country would ever reach the level that nazi Germany did but you do have small forms of it happening by smaller groups trying to gain traction.

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