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Case Analysis with Faux Franchise Needing Advice Staying Competitive

Dear potential tutor,

I am requestiing assistance with the following:

To: Organizational Behavior ExpertFrom: CEORe: Case Analysis Faux Scenario

I am consulting you on this situation, individually, for your expert advice. We have been approached by a large restaurant franchise that is having trouble staying competitive in the casual dining market. This client’s performance had been slipping, and the company has strategically decided to add a line of upscale alcoholic beverages to their menu. The CEO of this company has asked for our consultation services. She knows that to make the new strategy work she will need the full support of the employees from the servers up through the ranks to the managers and supervisors.

The employees range in age from 18 to 46.  The experience levels of the employees range from newly hired to six years at this particular restaurant.  Each employee has their food handling permit but none have a bartender's license.  There are three (3) shifts from the clean-up crews that start after the restaurant closes in the evening, the food preparers that start in the early morning hours, and over-lapping shifts of servers, hostesses, and bussers that work the hours that the restaurant is open to the public.  All employees were trained in promoting customer relations as well as their particular job function. However, some of the employees are looking elsewhere for positions that offer career advancement and others are becoming more disengaged. The building is in the older part of the city but is maintained well.  There is ample parking space and lighting available. The restaurant atmosphere has not been updated since the restaurant opened 10 years ago and the menu has remained the same.  There have been a few price increases to offset the increase in operating costs of food, utilities, and rent.


Please advise the CEO as to how she should lead the company to successfully implement the new strategy. Using the material from the course, I would like you to explain to her why there is more than one way to be an effective leader, and provide her with 2 different leadership styles you suggest she could use. Be sure to use headings in your paper and explain why you chose these leadership styles for her. Then recommend which one of the 2 leadership styles is the best for this situation and why.

  • Provide a title page with your name and date.
  • Your content should include 600 words, and use a double-spaced Times New Roman font.
  • You should include headings, topic sentences, and the inclusion of the weekly learning.
  • Citations and references should be APA compliant.
  • Review the rubric for my specific expectations and completely answer all of the questions

This would be so helpful if you can assist.



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