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Case Scenario Analysis

Directions: Read and analyze the scenario below. Using Microsoft Word, answer the questions posed. You must use the law you learned to support your answers. Your assignment should be a minimum of 1 full page and follow these guidelines: 12-point Times font One inch margins Double-spaced Correct spelling, grammar and sentence structure. The Great Minneapolis Surplus Store published the following advertisement in a Minneapolis newspaper: Saturday 9 a.m. 2 Brand New Pastel Mink 3-Skin Scarfs selling for $89.50 now selling for $1.00 each. 1 Black Lapin Stole worth $139.50 will sell for $1.00. First Come First Served. Leftkowitz, the first customer admitted to the store on Saturday, tried to buy the Lapin stole. The store refused to sell it to Lefkowitz, stating that the offer was for women only. Leftkowitz sued.

Was the offer definite enough to allow Leftkowitz to tender a valid acceptance? Explain your answer using the law you learned. (i.e. If there was a valid offer, explain why the offer meets the elements of an offer. If there was no valid offer, explain why the advertisement does not meet the elements of an offer. If there was a valid acceptance, explain why the acceptance meets the elements of an acceptance, if there was no valid acceptance, explain why Leftkowitz's actions did not meet the elements of an acceptance.)

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