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case study

This is a case study report, to be answered in short answer not essay format.  Do not include references, citing, or foot/endnotes. It is to be up to 10 pages typed (spaced how you want but in Times Roman 12pt with 1 inch margins all around).  A printed copy is to be handed-in to me on the due date.

Choose an existing current US public policy program.(can be local, state, or federal)

-What is the program and what problem does it intend to address?

-Why it is a public policy issue/concern/problem that needs addressing?

-Who is the decision-maker and who/what is the intended audience?

-How does this program operate?

-What are the problems with implementing this program/policy?

-How has/has not the program/policy addressed the issue?

-Would you continue this program, why/why not? 

-What alternative(s) or change(s) would you present, why (to fix/address what)?

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