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Case study

Topic:  Apply the Strategic Framework from “Playing to Win” as discussed in our class lectures thus far to a company or a specific product that has been offered in the marketplace.

Students will be required to submit a short paper describing a Company or a specific product offered by a company and its application of the Strategic Framework questions through the eyes of the student.  The answers to each question below should be based on student experience, observation, research (to the extent available) and application of what has been learned thus far in class.  To receive full credit, student submissions are required to address each Strategic Framework area.  The full submission should not exceed 2 pages (single spaced, standard margins).

  1. What is the company/product’s winning aspiration? (25 points)
    1. Provide a summary of the company/company and product sufficient that if the reader did not know anything about company/product that the reader had the proper context to understand the remainder of the paper. 
    2. Describe what you feel is the company/product’s winning aspiration and support with research or observation regarding how they have applied that aspiration in their marketing strategy and whether you feel the aspiration is plausible. 
  2. Where do they play? (25 points)
    1. Describe the company/product’s target markets, geographical coverage, distribution, promotion strategies, etc. 
    2. Describe how the company has applied their winning aspiration in deciding to “play” in these areas and apply the strategies described in 2a.  
    3. Describe whether these strategies have been applied well and in alignment with their winning aspiration
  3. How do they win? (25 points)
    1. Describe how the company planned to “win” where they decided to “play”. 
    2. What core competencies or competitive advantages did the company leverage to win
    3. How did they leverage those skills and strengths to create a winning product, distribute with efficiency, meet the needs and wants of their target customers, etc.
  4. What Capabilities did they need to have in place? (10 points)
    1. Describe what the company needed in terms of skill sets, processes, partnerships, etc. to “win” where they chose to “play”.
  5. What management system did they need to succeed? (10 points)
    1. This may be more challenging to find, but through research or hypothesis, describe what management systems the company would need to ensure it can measure success in achieving its winning aspiration and winning in the markets it chose.
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