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Central questions for this essay:Do you agree or disagree with Astra Taylor’s ideas for reform of the existing internet? Based on your research, what proposals for reform of the internet are you makin

Central questions for this essay:Do you agree or disagree with Astra Taylor’s ideas for reform of the existing internet? Based on your research, what proposals for reform of the internet are you making?Detailed Description of AssignmentFor this assignment, use Astra Taylor’s concluding manifesto, “In Defense of the Commons,” in The People’s Platform, for an analysis on the topic of reform of the existing internet. This paper will also develop into a discussion of your own thoughts on how the internet should or should not change. Begin by carefully reading and taking notes on her argument.Taylor approaches the subject of internet reforms by way of a concept she calls “sustainable culture” (Taylor 214) a concept she derives from the ethical consumption and sustainable food movements; “sustainable culture” develops from the way she analyzes the significance of copyright and internet commercialization in her book as a whole. Here is a list of some of the main elements in her internet reform agenda She calls for more regulation of the service providers and major plat­forms.She calls for improved broadband provision, so that more people and communities have access to high-speed internet.She wants the introduction of a kind of Glass–Steagall of new media, to force a separation of content creation from communica­tion or distribution; this is an idea she adopts from Tim Wu (he calls it the “separations principle”).She calls for the levying of a tax on the advertising industry.She wants to pressure Silicon Valley to pay tax at higher rates.She calls for more public spending on the ‘cultural commons’, the arts and public broad­castingElements of the essay Personal Preface: write a short preface to the essay (one paragraph) where you discuss what it was like to think about and do research on this topic. Body of the paper: this is the main section of the essay and it must be 4-5 full pages of written text. Works cited page: find at least two outside sources to include in this essay.IntroductionThis section of your essay must mention the author by name and the book and its manifesto by titles. You should provide an overview of your essay as a whole. You need a clear thesis where you indicate your agreement or disagreement with Taylor’s internet reforms. You also need to mention some of the things you will be advocating for in your conclusion.Body of the EssayWork with some of the elements in the above list of reforms proposed by Taylor. Explain what she is proposing while you quote Taylor’s text and go into some detail. You are aiming for a thorough reconstruction and analysis of the overall argument of the conclusion; you are also trying to respond to the work and present an independent perspective on the concluding text or concept of the work: the reform of the existing internet.Conclusion of the EssayFirst, do you agree with Astra Taylor’s ideas of reforms? Why do you agree with her? If you disagree, please explain what you think about the shortcomings of her proposals. You can also offer a nuanced perspective that might both agree and disagree with elements of her proposals for internet reforms. Second, you must propose some changes to the existing internet and defend them in this final part of the essay. If you propose no changes to the internet (its structure, regulation, and ownership), then you must discuss what works well about the existing internet and what should be preserved in it. The conclusion could be a place to include outside research.Other RemindersRemember that the essay here involves two distinct practices of interpretation in the essay form. (1) We want to be able to paraphrase lucidly the author’s ideas in language that is our own (i.e., language that is substantially different from the original), providing the reader with a strong sense of the text’s thought, one which eschews criticism of the text’s superficial weaknesses. (2) We, in turn, want to be attentive to the details of the text. To this end, select two different quotations for close reading; illustrate with some precision how the argument weaves its way tightly through one, two, or a few of the author’s sentences.Due dates: The final draft of this paper must include your perspective Taylor’s manifesto and its broad topic of internet reforms. Concentrate on your thesis and conclusion as you develop your work in this final stage of the writing process. Scrutinize your language and write in a captivating manner, using specific details from the text, but also condensed phrasings, active verbs, and forceful transitions between paragraphs. You must also use two outside sources for this paper.Other requirements 12 pt., Times New Roman, double space, one inch and/or reasonable margins. This paper is five-to-six pages in total length. The page count does not include the personal preface and work cited pages. The total length of the paper must be seven-eight pages when all elements are included.Goals of the essayA well-developed, well-organized, well-focused essay will include the following: An introduction which provides your reader with the necessary background information s/he will need in order to understand the topic of your essay. A clearly–stated thesis at the end of your introduction which presents your overall argument and which directly answers the essay prompt question. Well-organized paragraphs containing topic sentences supported by details, explanation, and analysis. Evidence from Taylor’s text to support your argument. Correct use of MLA format for both parenthetical references to the text (quotations and paraphrase) as well as a Works Cited page at the end of your essay. A counter-argument (either as a separate paragraph or within several of your body paragraphs). Use of FANBOYS, subordinators, and noun phrase appositives (at least 3 NPAs) to show relationships between ideas and to give variety and complexity to your sentences. Careful and thorough proofreading.

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