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Cesim Simulation Game(Phone market, Strategic Management Not only marketing )

The Writer Must have practice the Cesim - Global Strategy Game (which is about lunching a Phones in  Aisa, Europe & US) in order to understand the requirements :You Are Requested to write your OWN lesson learned from using the Simulation Software Game - Please Please Please you are not allowed to use any (References).. based on the attached xls. in each Round you should write your paper.

The Question is : what you learned by participating in the CESIM game?? not from Marketing strategy Point of View , But Also From Global Strategy (Strategic Management) (4 Pages)

Grading criteria are; Quality and Clarity of writing, Level of analysis and analytical/critical thinking

(Attached : Xls Result for each Round may help)

Please take in your consideration regarding plagiarism, you should take this very seriously / NO REFERENCES IS REQUIRED AT ALL .. IT IS WHAT YOU LEARNED (Lesson Learned as a Student) .

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