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Choose one of the four "categories" for this week's readings (Native Americans; Democracy, Government, and Individualism; Women's Roles; or Race and Slavery). Read each text in your chosen category ca

Choose one of the four "categories" for this week's readings (Native Americans; Democracy, Government, and Individualism; Women's Roles; or Race and Slavery). Read each text in your chosen category carefully, and watch the Optional Crash Course Video associated with that category. 

Then, in a journal entry of at least one full page (not less than 250 words), respond to most of the following prompts and questions:

  • What is each piece of writing you've examined arguing for or recommending? What is the "main point" of each piece you read within this category?
  • Do any or all of the assigned readings seem to be in conversation with one another? Are they discussing the same issues? Do they mention one another at all? Did the writers know one-another? (Just discuss any connection you see between the texts in your chosen category.)
  • How do the different writings compare to one another? Do they all agree or are there variations? What are those variations and why do you think they exist?
  • Do any of the pieces in your chosen category seem out of place? If so, what category could those out of place pieces belong to instead? Or do they not seem to fit any of this week's categories? Explain your answer.
  • Which argument is strongest? Which is weakest? What specific details helped you determine the strength or weakness of each argument?
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