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CIS 360 - Business Database Concepts - E/R Diagramming 2 Complete the IMDB exercise we began in class. For the following business rules, use Gliffy...

CIS 360 - Business Database Concepts - E/R Diagramming 2

Complete the IMDB exercise we began in class. For the following business rules, use Gliffy to draw the ERDs using the Crows Foot model. Resolve any M:N relationships. Take a screenshot of the ERD and paste below the business rules (cropping gridlines and software interfaces).

Type your name in the box above. Save this file as "FirstInitialLastname-ICERD2.pdf" and submit to blackboard by the due date and time. (i.e. lprince-ICERD2.pdf)

The following gives the requirements for the IMDB. These requirements should be used to design an entity- relationship diagram.

Your design should include the following:

IMDB records the information about each studio, such as studio name, year established, year closed (if applicable), country, etc.

The system records overall movie information, such as movie title, tagline, genre, year made, country, website, running time, language, color, rating, showing start date, ranking, etc.

Tagline is a one-sentence description of a movie.

Values of color could be "True" or "False" for color movie or black/white movie respectively.

Rating could be "G", "PG", "M", "MA", etc.

Studios produce movies.

The genre describes the type of a movie, such as "comedy", "drama", "biography", "action", "thriller", "horror", "romance", "war", "animation", "adventure", etc. One movie may have more than one genre.

You may record the people involved with the movies with their titles, family names, given names, genders, websites, emails, dates of birth, cities of birth, countries of birth, and other necessary information.

A casts is actor or actress in a movie.

Crews are staff other than casts involved with a movie, such as "Director".

You should record each role's name for casts. For example, "Actor of leading role", "Actor of supporting role", etc.

You should record each job title for crews. For example, "Director", "Producer", "Writer", etc.

You may assume a person only performs one role in a movie.

IMDB records the name of each part in a movie, also records the job title for each crew in a movie.

There are many movie awards around the world from different organization. The organization is recorded with name and country.

Each organization holds one award ceremony in each year.

You should record the award and nominations with title, category, etc.

Award titles could be classified as to two categories: for person (such as "Best Actor of leading role", "Best Director") or for movie "Best movie", etc.

There will be many nominations for an award in a given year, but only one winner for the award in that year.

An award may been won many times, or may have never been awarded (or nominated)

Movies released will be shown in cinemas. You should record cinema name, phone number, website, number of screen, street, city, state, country, etc.

A city may have more than one cinema, and there is always one cinema that is the supervisor cinema of the city.

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