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CIS 417 WK 6 Assignment 3-Securing the Scene

This paper of CIS 417 WK 6 Assignment 3 - Securing the Scene gives the solution to:Imagine you are a digital forensic investigator for a healthcare organization. You learn from your internal information security department that an employee has been using password-cracking software to access confidential customer insurance information. The account information extracted is unknown at this time, though it appears as though multiple computers were being used for the crime and it isnt clear whether an attack is currently in progress. The employee has been detained but his computers remain online.Write a two to three (2-3) page paper in which you:1. Develop a detailed plan to approach and secure the incident scene based on the information youhave from the scenario.2. Discuss the initial steps you would take for the investigation, depending on whether or not theattack is still in progress. Include how your actions would differ based on the current status of theincident.3. Explicate the importance of creating an order of volatility by identifying the potential evidence thatis the most volatile. Explain, in detail, how you would extract this evidence.

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