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COLL 148 Week 2 Heidy Budget Assessment

This pack of COLL 148 Week 2 Heidy Budget Assessment encompasses:

Question 1.1. My Estimated Costs: Based on Heidys preference to complete her program in 4 years, what is her estimated cost to complete the program? (Points : 3)$67,690$80,076$85,00$89,575Question 2.2. My Estimated Costs: What minimum level of enrollment does Heidy need to maintain to graduate in 4 years as planned? (Points : 3)Less than half time ( 6 hours)Half time (6-8 hours)Three-quarter time (9-11 hours)Full-time (>12 hours)Question 3.3. My Estimated Costs: How much is Heidy borrowing each year in loans that have to be repaid after leaving school? (Points : 3)$4,750$6,000$14,250$21,285Question 4.4. My Estimated Costs: How much money does Heidy need to find from alternative sources, such as savings or scholarships, in order to have enough to cover her expenses each session? (Points : 2)$1750$594$1785$7095Question 5.5. My Budget: After reviewing Heidys income and expenses on the My Budget tab, how much additional money does she need to cover her current expenses while in school? (Points : 2)$200.00$298.75$347.00None of the aboveQuestion 6.6. My Budget: Which of the following are wants (nice-to-have, non-essential goods and services) instead of needs (items that are necessary for everyday living)? (Points : 3)Cable TelevisionRentDining OutBoth A and CBoth B and CQuestion 7.7. My Dream Career: Even though Heidy plans to make $38,000 annually, how much will she actually have left to spend after taxes (Estimated net annual income after taxes)? (Points : 3)$38,000$35,093$5,681.25$27,511.75Question 8.8. My Dream Career: How much student loan debt will Heidy be responsible for once she completes her program? (Points : 3)$57,000$14,250$80,364NoneQuestion 9.9. My Dream Career: Which repayment plans offer Heidy a repayment amount she can afford based on her projections? (Points : 2)Standard, Extended, Graduated, Income SensitiveIncome Sensitive, Income Based, Consolidated with Auto DebtStandard, Consolidated with Auto DebtExtended, Income Based, Graduated, Income SensitiveQuestion 10.10. My Dream Career: The National Student Loan Data System (NSLDS) website ( contains information on which of the following: (Points : 3)Amounts of all federal loans the borrower has receivedThe status of each of the federal loans the borrower has receivedSpecific contact information for lenders and loan servicesAll of the aboveQuestion 11.11. My Dream Career: What web site should Heidy visit if she wants to consolidate her loans to make one payment? (Points : 3)

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