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COLL 148 Week 6 Personal Development Goals

This file of COLL 148 Week 6 Personal Development Goals comprises:

Overview: You will prepare a plan and sign a contract with yourself stating how you intend to achieve the student success skills you need to be successful in college and beyond. Based on your assessments, journal assignments, professor feedback, your experience, and self-knowledge, determine the four areas in which you wish to make positive changes and then set SMART goals for accomplishing those changes over the remaining weeks of this session.Developing quality goals and plans takes time. Reflect on your assessments, talk with professors, family members, and other related people, think through logical plans for accomplishing your goals. You should start your plan this week, but it is not due until the end of Week 6. Place your completed assignment in the Week 6 Personal Development Goals Dropbox.Focus: The development goals relate specifically to what you have learned about yourself and your skills so far in this class and what you will do about it in the next weeks and months. Each of your four goals must be related to success skills evaluated in the self-assessments. Please note that your goals should not include long-term academic or career goals (such as Graduate in 2 years. ).For example, one goal could relate to improving your reading speed in response to your reading rate assessment, another could be about reducing procrastination based on the time management tool, a third might focus on improving your social skills as suggested by the Personality Assessment Profile, and a fourth may relate to improving your attitude about school based on your CSI results.Everyone wishes to be successful in college, their careers and personal life. I started at DeVry with the intention of doing well in my classes, learning essential skills and information, completing my program, and attaining appropriate employment. These are the goals I seek to attain in the long-run. To achieve those goals, I need to make positive changes to….

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