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COM 120 Week 8 Adjectives and Adverb Exercise 572

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1. Anyone with a credit card and Internet access can shop online quite ____. - easy - easily2. Many consumers wonder whether online shopping is ____. - safe - safely3. Most shopping sites make a ____ effort to keep customers' credit card records from falling into the wrong hands. - considerable - considerably4. However, a talented hacker can enter even the ____ websites. - protectedest - most protected5. Even though online shopping can be ____ than visiting a store, many shoppers prefer to go to a retailer. - faster - fastest6. A shopper who goes to the store to make a purchase gets to bring the item home ____. - quicker - more quickly7. At a store, a consumer can also try on several sweaters to see which one looks ____. - better - best8. In the past, many online retailers have not done very ____ at getting merchandise to their customers quickly during the busy holiday season. - good - well9. Retailers with both an online site and physical stores have the ____ advantage. - clearest - most clear10. Any retailer, whether online or not, has to be ____ at marketing than its competitors. - cleverer - cleverest

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