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Complete 14 page APA formatted essay: Biodiversity of Coastal and Exposed Shores.Download file to see previous pages (DETR, 2001).Ideally, we should be able to monitor the biological status of all UK

Complete 14 page APA formatted essay: Biodiversity of Coastal and Exposed Shores.

Download file to see previous pages

(DETR, 2001).

Ideally, we should be able to monitor the biological status of all UK biodiversity and how it is changing (e.g. ecosystem support functions, such as pollution buffering, flood reduction, climate change responses), with focus on priority species and habitats.

This paper seeks to respond to the question: How should one go about designing the statistical analysis of biodiversity if it had to be done across scales in time and space The conceptual basis of the design is the definition of biodiversity as a convolution of two community components. One of the components is richness, the product of species evolution, and the other structure, the consequence of environmental sorting (biotic, physical). The method of choice takes information in the manner of frequency distributions, and decomposes the associated total diversity into additive components specific to the deemed sorting factors. Diversity quantities are supplied by the analysis by which the relative importance of sorting factors can be measured and the dynamic oscillations which they generate in diversity can be traced.

It is important for this to strategy considers both the present situation and future research needs. Our present monitoring capabilities may be limited not in a scientific sense but through poor coordination and use of existing resources. The Strategy aims to identify areas where improved coordination is required, as well as prioritising new research.

Method and Planning:

For the preliminary planning process, I conducted the experiments on the middle shore, i.e., 6/12ths, where this position was used in the case of both the exposed and sheltered shores. Also, a levelling technique was made use of in order to locate the middle position.

Further, random selection was conducted with the collected samples using a quadrat. Once the middle positions on each shore were located, 30 samples were extracted from each position. With the help of two measuring tapes - one vertically and one horizontally (like an x and y axis), a random numbers table was used to pick some numbers with two numbers for each sample making a total of 60 numbers for 30 samples. After this, the two numbers (coordinates x and y), were used to find the x coordinates on the vertical measuring tape and the y coordinates on the horizontal measuring tape. This helped to finally zero in on a position from where the researcher could extract samples.

A note on the style that has been followed throughout this paper - I have followed the APA style in keeping with the most uncomplicated one for the purpose of our research and simple presentation.

Analysis and Implementation:

In the course of this task, I went on the assumption that the species will show more diversity on the sheltered shore while the exposed shore will have less population density owing to harsh weather conditions. Accordingly, I have used the following steps:

Surveying the Rocky shore

Because the tide rises up and down twice a day things at the top of the shore get much less water than things at the bottom.

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