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Complete 17 page APA formatted essay: Legalizing same Sex Marriage.Download file to see previous pages... One of the biggest fight in America, is the fight for equality. In the fifties and sixties, bl

Complete 17 page APA formatted essay: Legalizing same Sex Marriage.

Download file to see previous pages...

One of the biggest fight in America, is the fight for equality. In the fifties and sixties, black Americans fought for equal rights, and this was one of the longest and most publicized fight since the abolishment of slavery. Today there is a new, tempestuous issue on the horizon— the legalizing same sex marriage.

Before defending the rights of same sex marriage, certain questions must be answered: are gays American citizen. are they humans. and do they pay taxes? The answer to these questions is yes. Then why are they not given equal treatment as other American citizens? Simple, a marriage is the union between a male and a female. And gay are given equal rights. They have all the right of any American citizen, and as soon as they fit the criteria for marriage they will be pronounced married.

The debate over whether the state ought to recognize gay marriages has thus far focused on the issue as one of civil rights. Such a treatment is erroneous because state recognition of marriage is not a universal right. States regulate marriage in many ways besides denying men the right to marry men, and women the right to marry women. Roughly half of all states prohibit first cousins from marrying, and all prohibit marriage of closer blood relatives, ...In all states, it is illegal to attempt to marry more than one person, or even to pass off more than one person as one’s spouse. Some states restrict the marriage of people suffering from syphilis or other venereal diseases. Homosexuals, therefore, are not the only people to be denied the right to marry the person of their choosing (5). Apparently Mr. Kolasinski is not the one one who agrees that gays already has all the right that each American citizen has. Eddie Thompson at AD agrees to, he says: First, gay and lesbians already possess rights equally protected under the law. They have the exact rights that I have today. They can marry a member of the opposite sex if they so choose, just like I have done. I can't marry a member of my own sex, even if I wanted to. So, we have the exact same rights. What is being suggested by the gay agenda is not "equal rights" but "extra rights." They want to be allowed to reap the benefits of marriage without actually marrying in its traditional sense. There are many wonderful people who choose to remain single for myriad reasons, and these people are not clamoring for the rights granted to couples who marry. Why should those who refuse traditional marriage be granted such rights simply because they prefer sex with someone whose anatomy r esembles their own? In fact, most of the so-called “rights” married couples have can be obtained through a lawyer’s legal maneuvers. Documents of the United States constitution, Declaration of Independent, and the Bill of Rights are testimonies of the freedom enjoy by Americans. Unfortunately, our founding fathers were unaware that they neglected to enact another document, the Bill of Rights for same sex marriage. Had they not been negligence, the new Bill would read thus: The constitution of the United States of America do apologize to the American people for the travesty it is about to commit on the sanctity of marriage. The people of the United States of America must now recognize the union of pf two men or two women, and give it the distinguish name of marriage. The same privilege given to a man and a woman who form a union will now be given to marriages of same sex. A man and a man, or a woman and a woman who chooses to love each other and decides to consummate that love through marriage will be given a legal document testifying to that fact.

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