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Complete 2 pages APA formatted article: Personal Statements. Personal ments Information de s our modernity. All of us live between pluses and minuses of our computers. Everybody wants to de a modern l

Complete 2 pages APA formatted article: Personal Statements. Personal ments Information de s our modernity. All of us live between pluses and minuses of our computers. Everybody wants to de a modern life and I am not an exception. My future involvement in Ph. D program is the first door I want to open on the way to success and information. I know that I can penetrate in different secrets of modernity if I become a Master in Information. It is my invented legend and it is my fairy tale, where I am walking along a thorny path and want to reach the most secret corners of the reality and cyber reality. Ph. D program in Management Science with concentration on Information System is a perfect opportunity to combine two of my major interests: computer systems and management. I have accumulated various experiences, while I was studying and working in different fields. I was greatly interested in information system, when I was enrolled in undergraduate study of in networking engineering. At that time I came across two basic bricks of my interest, such as data bases and applications. These were my first steps, when I managed to develop strong data analysis skills and learned an easy adaption to various software systems. When I continued my education in France, I got a GPA of 3.0 and was titled “Excellent Overseas Student” among many schoolmates with financial background. It was a contest, when I decided to try my creative and professional potential. I worked hard, because my interests were running before me. In order to satisfy my inner knowledge, I took 7.5 courses per seminar to graduate. I could not stop my efforts in compiling my bag of knowledge. Of course, on the way to my dreams, I used to fail. For example when I wanted to apply for the Ph. D program in Management Science with an emphasis on Finance I was denied. There is no doubt that at this stage I had to master my knowledge in accounting. This thorny path led me to another personal award “Dean’s Excellence Scholarship”. Of course, as you have already guessed, that was not enough for me and I decided to do my best and fight for my right of becoming a part of the Ph. D program focused on Information Systems. As a matter of fact, I do not have empty or unreachable goals. I am mowing exactly to my goal: I want to make different researches and studies in the field of the Information Systems. The School of Management in UT Dallas is a perfect field for practicing my personal aspirations. Of course, I am sure that there are many gaps in the field of Information Systems Management and I would like to consider one of such kind of challenges. I can claim that my skills in mathematics, which are excellent and are witnessed by GMAT test, scoring 98% in quantitative will enable me to deal with challenges in the field of Information Systems management more easily. Moreover, I gained a precious experience while I was studying at Euromed Management, which ranks the Top 10 in France. Thus, I have accumulated an impressive collection of tools in order to fight for my ability to do something new, advance and promote the field of Management in the Information Systems The optimization in the field of information systems management would contribute much into human welfare and would optimize performance of people at workplace. The Information systems are is a rapidly developing field, which requires a constant advancement and improvement. Humanity is on its way to progress and it needs reliable bricks for protecting them from malfunctioning or a lack of performance. To take part in the information progress and to make an essential contribution is the necessary function for all the contemporaries. I clearly realize that beyond these utopian claims, my advisor will be looking for realistic intentions and available options of excellent performance. There is something more about me than ‘wants’, because I am more focused on ‘cans’. I can do, what I need, even when the price for it is too high. For example, GPA 3.0 in France can be explained as a too high price for my accessible ‘cans’. I worked really hard and I could not manage stop working at a full pace. Still, there is a valuable outcome, now I know the price and I know how to distribute my time and workload while studying at Postgraduate course. Information Systems is my Everest. I have no chance to give up my idea because I want to work hard in the research field. I know that I can find the keys from decoded world and my decoding would contribute much to humanity. I know that theoretical developments are as much important, as practical checks of these mind searching. I hope that my practical experience and knowledge of dealing with systems and applications would contribute much to my study at Postgraduate course. On the one hand, I want to combine the things, which are not combined: management and IS, but I am sure that it is a zest of my future study. I am on the way of searching the best conglomerates, I am the one, who can integrate ‘+’ and ‘-’ and I am sure that my ability to give an unprejudiced considerations to the computer phenomena would result in excellent practical recommendations for users or a strong theoretical basis for scientists.

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