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Complete 3 page APA formatted essay: Business.Download file to see previous pages... Also, as the global economy improves, talent shortage will be further more evident. Job descriptions have become mo

Complete 3 page APA formatted essay: Business.

Download file to see previous pages...

Also, as the global economy improves, talent shortage will be further more evident. Job descriptions have become more complicated and are therefore out of reach of the vast majority looking for employment. Jobs have extensively evolved and are not as simple as they were in the past, what with now requiring more skills to man a particular position compared to before. This is a case of having a job demand, there is a workforce supply but it simply isn’t what the demand is looking for. This disparity created from such causes unemployment not only on particularly countries but rather globally, and it also affects the global economy in its entirety. There are also uncontrollable factors that affect the employment in relation to the line of work and how it is fairing in the economy, especially during recessions where the economy is volatile and unpredictable. A large composition of the unemployed is from the fresh graduates, with statistics saying that 89% of students with new bachelor’s degree cannot secure a job (Carnevale et al., 2012). A college degree does not guarantee a secure job these days. Companies demand that the people they hire have significant experience and are not only knowledgeable but also possess intangibles such as good critical thinking abilities and creativity. I confess myself as lacking in experience in order to play in the global field of competition and economy. Also, having the critical skills in problem solving cannot be verified and certified by a piece of paper, but it should be proven by experience. In order to alleviate such dilemma, it is only a rational decision to further develop ones talent and skills in order to attain job security (Schneider, 2011). Choosing the right course also significantly increases employment. By acquiring an EMBA degree, one achieves an assurance that the knowledge gained in such degree will never become obsolete or unnecessary since it is deemed as the ultimate business credential (Davies &amp. Cline, 2005). Such degree holders are always specially sought by companies. If we follow the same train of thought of the common wisdom of corporations, by acquiring this EMBA degree, I further myself from the others looking for employment because with such I am being equipped with the ability and knowledge on how to generate more productivity and innovation. By completing this program, companies that I apply into are assured that they are looking at a prospect who has in depth knowledge in the economy and business aspects. While experience could still remain an issue, it could easily be overshadowed by the potential that is promised by a person who finished an EMBA degree. In order to finish such, one would and should be able to think critically and give in depth analysis on scenarios and situations and make good and educated procedures in order to solve problems. This degree will also help me be globally savvy regarding economics and marketing, which is a prime asset in this age of globalized trade and commerce. Not to mention the entrepreneurial skills that I shall have honed that will help me implement and think of creative and innovative ideas, and also the international network shall I shall have developed.

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