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Complete 3 page APA formatted essay: Shoeless Joe by J.D. Salinger.Download file to see previous pages... Salinger’s interest for games and sports is overwhelming. In the novel, baseball can critica

Complete 3 page APA formatted essay: Shoeless Joe by J.D. Salinger.

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Salinger’s interest for games and sports is overwhelming. In the novel, baseball can critically be accounted for in relation to the role played by Salinger (Kinsella 72). The game accounts for the American history, and subsequent evolvement of the game in the American context. This scenario in the case of Salinger is intriguing, in relation to his involvement in the pursuits of the game. He shows special interest in sporting, becoming a primary fan of the game. Salinger’s support for athletes captures the interest of the reader in regard to the highlights made by the novel. Salinger’s social interaction with other people and the society at large is not an outstanding undertaking. The novel outlines his interest for individual autonomy, enjoying individual domain away from public interference (Kinsella 143). The combination of this aspect with his passion and interests leaves so much to be desired, due to the lack of connection that socialization and game pursuits pose. However, Salinger manages his personality and character, as well as his day to day undertakings, to present a wholesome person is less likely to be influenced by parties that he least worries about. Life is highly characterized by dreams, at least as Salinger seems to be believe (Kinsella 168). Dreams constitute the primary activities that Salinger gets engaged in. In other words, his thoughts are highly held and treasured in his life, with or without critical analysis of the inner meaning of the thoughts or even the underlying dreams for that matter. Amid this dream concept and pursuit in Salinger’s life the concept of aging at a personal level is introduced. Aging comes with the lesson that individual efforts can beat advancing age to revitalize personal efforts through persistently enhancing personal creativity. Another interesting item about Salinger is how magic and related acts are captured through the author. He believes in the occurrence of supernatural happenings or the existence of extraordinary forces that act on an individual from time to time. Salinger does not consider his life to be perfect one in an American context, but it is rather better compared to many other places beyond America. The extraordinary forces that Salinger believes in depict scenarios of at time happenings that befall an individual in the pursuit of their daily interests. Magic is part and parcel of Salinger’s life, meaning that he believes in supernatural occurrences, and does not mind experiencing them from time to time. This realization as provided for by the novel is a critical learned aspect of Salinger. The general life of Salinger is rather a complicated one. Starting from his character in the novel to the real life scenario that the novel poses, Salinger has a sophisticated personality. While this aspect is not hard to come by in many individuals around the world, its representation in the novel and the actual life that Salinger leads makes it an interesting aspect in relation to what one can learn about Salinger from the novel. He makes moves when least expected to do so. On the same note, when there is an intention to please him, the outcome depicts the opposite. The predictability of an individual following critical analysis of his or her personality aids a crucial determination of how to handle the person in question.

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