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Complete 4 page APA formatted essay: MANAGING INTERNATIONAL OPERATIONS.Based on this particular understanding, the objective of this study is to reflect the importance of the European Union (EU), SCM

Complete 4 page APA formatted essay: MANAGING INTERNATIONAL OPERATIONS.

Based on this particular understanding, the objective of this study is to reflect the importance of the European Union (EU), SCM and Reverse Logistics in maintaining and managing the international operations with the advent of globalisation process. European Union The EU is commonly recognised as a governmental and commercial union that comprises of 27 member states from the European continent (Paquet, 2003). It reflects and provides insights about inter-governmentalism, convergence criteria, supranationalism and other common policies for integration which further shapes the business operations in the global context within the periphery of EU. The EU controls and frames strategies related to problems such as budgetary contributions of the member countries that is reflected through legal membership. For instance, some of the common policies performed by the EU, such as the fisheries policies reflect about the norms and the regulations fixed for member countries concerning with the permit to catch various types of fishes till a given quantity in a controlled manner, restricting the probable inhibition of biodiversity (Paquet, 2003). Additionally, the EU enacted common policies to restrict the Treaty of Lisbon which was allegedly hampering the national sovereignty of the member states in lieu to the integration process of the union (BBC, 2013). Irrespective of the risk of national sovereignty, EU member states avail the benefits of structural fund, trade liaisons outside Europe, and single market opportunities among others (Paquet, 2003). However, the role and the position of every member state is certainly not the same in the EU. For instance, it has often been argued that UK, being a prominent member state of EU has been benefitted by the common policies in terms of international trade relationships. Correspondingly, the nation has also been credited for its tactful measures to protect its national sovereignty. Nevertheless, in the recent political and economic debates, the UK has been witnessed to be suffering in terms of its national sovereignty (BBC, 2013). Supply Chain Management The effective SCM within an organisation helps in managing the upstream as well as the downstream relationships with respect to customers and the suppliers. In this context, it is further admitted that SCM comprises of series of events that are responsible for framing the entire lifecycle of products from conception to their consumption. Additionally, the SCM contributes towards better understanding of the competitive market for an organisation focusing on issues related to its long term sustainability (Ilyas & et. al., 2006). With reference to modern SCM approaches, the application of IT reflects upon the inter-organisational system that helps in the flow of information and the processes crosswise the organisational boundaries. The advent of IT in the global market has resulted in positive impacts over the information sharing among the supply chain partners. The efficient application of SCM has further led towards greater organisational success. For instance, for couple of years, Nokia Company was facing problems with respect to

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