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Complete 4 page APA formatted essay: Statement of purpose.Download file to see previous pages... After a lot of discussions. through my persistency, I was able to convince the authorities to grant us

Complete 4 page APA formatted essay: Statement of purpose.

Download file to see previous pages...

After a lot of discussions. through my persistency, I was able to convince the authorities to grant us special entry to the match. Born in Iran, I grew up in Canada where I completed my primary school education. I moved back to Iran for four years and attended the first years of high school. My parents then sent me to my sister in Germany where I encountered numerous challenges. Initially, I was to pursue an academic career but got misplaced in the lowest school track “Hauptschule” within the German tripartite school system. Nevertheless, I worked my way up the system to the “Gymnasium” and passed my A-levels. I then joined Georg-Simon-Ohm University for Applied Sciences in Nuremberg for my undergraduate studies majoring in International Business. I won the Persian Language Olympics and was a finalist in the German School Debating Championship is testimony of my hard work and positive attitude. In addition, the debating tournaments developed my effective communication skills and reasoned arguments, an ability useful in my current position to gain the buy in from stakeholders. I have been working in the Siemens Corporate Sustainability Office in a consulting capacity, in Germany, since April 2010. Siemens is a leading company in Sustainability. In Siemens we implement sustainability strategies, coordinate companywide programs and global initiatives. I am involved in program development, driving employee engagement activities and collaborating with internal and external stakeholders as part of my daily routine. I learnt of Sustainability during my internship at Fiat Professional where I developed the communication strategy and roll out plan for the communication campaign. It was then that I knew there were bigger prospects in the horizon. I got the urge to introduce something that would have an impact to future generations. During a project at Siemens Corporate supply &amp. purchasing chain, I successfully developed and incorporated sustainability criteria into the supplier evaluation process. It is while working on this that my passion in Sustainability was confirmed. I want to further my education in Sustainability Management since my plans are to engage in Sustainability throughout my career. I find your program appealing as it takes a holistic approach to Sustainability. Masters in Sustainability Management in Columbia University stands out because of its unique partnership with Earth Institute. This offers first class scientific perspective on Sustainability issues. In exchange, I would offer my expertise knowledge through my extensive work experience at Siemens Corporate Sustainability. My experience has given me the potential to make positive contributions to the courses as other learners would learn from me too. My international background has enabled me to understand and work with different perspectives and opinions which are significant for the topic of Sustainability. I have also established networks with other companies. For instance, the One Young World Conference in 2011, where young professionals from around the world gathered to discuss pressing global and environmental issues and Sustainability concerns. I was selected to be a Siemens delegate. In 2012, I will be a returning delegate for Siemens.

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