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Complete 4 page APA formatted essay: The Golden Gate by Vikram Seth.Download file "The Golden Gate by Vikram Seth" to see previous pages... Vikram Seth's extraordinary style, where everyday words, hap

Complete 4 page APA formatted essay: The Golden Gate by Vikram Seth.

Download file "The Golden Gate by Vikram Seth" to see previous pages...

Vikram Seth's extraordinary style, where everyday words, happenings including narratives show wit and represent sentiment in refined facet. This work of fiction in poetry or rhyme is an exceptional narrative of the feeling of adore and the sensation of losing regardless of his wittiness, and banter. This novel in verse is in actuality very gripping and appealing.

The way Vikram peaks is melodious and straightforward tongue. His trademarks are diverse and are filled with many approaches similar to greatest novel in English, rhyme, novel in verse, novel set in San Francisco and all with such mastery is a mark of his genius.

Vikram Seth's glory is magnified by his versatile use of words and this piece of work marks no distinction. In narrative The golden gate Seth has generated work in such a rhythmic prose and poetry that clearly demonstrates on such sundry places as China, California, and India. This piece of work is commendable for its sense of humour and its wittiness, its richness and its boldness and his natural talent to bring into the mind an intellect of the cultural customs about what he is writing. Long story short this is an extraordinary paradigm of Vikram Seth and also influences his future works such as "A suitable Boy" and "An Equal Music".

One of the theme presented is a major relationship in the novel is that of gay and bisexual orientation. Another theme exhibited in Seth's novel Golden Gate is that of the effect a demanding lover can have on a relationship. Clearly the characters are presented in a situation where it is difficult for them to make choices and at certain times some of them would throw out the baby, the bath water and the bathtub, in order to let not each other down. But Seth imagination has created circumstances with which virtually one can classify--the lady who picks the "nice guy" and the contented, no speed-bumpy kind of relationship in place of an extremely fanatical adornment for some one that could only result in the feeling or sensation that can be categorized as nothing less of soreness, and numbness. As someone said "keep your friend close and your enemies closer" as any surprising act which can never be expected good from an enemy would always hurt.

The Seth describes Phil'sstate of mind and his thoughts after the separation from his spouse as follows

''What made you leave me, Claire I guess

Disfiguring is what dreams are made for''

Asingle-parent'semotion cannot be captured better.He contemplates these things, when his son questions him about his mother's disappearance from family responsibilities.

The issues in the romantic life of Liz and John are recounted with common incidents like John's loathe in relation to Liz's pet cat. He says

''That mangy misbegotten cat,

I hate the beast and I can't fake it.''

If you love some one then, you should look after his/her belongings as you would care your belongings or possessions. This universally accepted rationale is very clearly elaborated or shed light upon by Seth in his work. John's hate towards Liz' cat is presented in very distinctive way as the author calls its "mangy" instead of clearly saying that its "dirty" or "scruffy", cause it wont match with poetic style of the author.

All the fictional character has an identity, which clearly shows the importance with respect to the poetry. Its structure is very carefully prepared and impartial in its appearance.

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