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I will pay for the following essay Strategies of Advertising. The essay is to be 8 pages with three to five sources, with in-text citations and a reference page.Download file "Strategies of Advertisin

I will pay for the following essay Strategies of Advertising. The essay is to be 8 pages with three to five sources, with in-text citations and a reference page.

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By this time most people carrying out the advertisements were not in apposition to pay for the media expenses. However, currently viewers are in a better position to comprehend the advertisements much more easily as almost every body can access the media. This, subsequently have made the advertisements easily visible as well as audible (Amazon.

com, 2007). The ultimate outcome normally depends on the manner advertising techniques are employed.

There has been, on the other hand, a wide application of what is called custom publishing which usually aims at reaching a particular community segment. This, for instance may include anti-smoking advertisements which has been employed by the cancer charities and other anti-smoking groups in collaboration with several government health departments in trial to contain the tobacco advertisement (Sheriga, 2008). They thus establish their own advertisement in order to bring to lime light the negative impacts of smoking. Initially, several commercial advertisements usually assisting cessation of smoking as well as reduce to risk posed lung cancer and its aftermath.

Several advertisers employ some sneaky strategies in order to get the attention of the consumers. Generally, advertisements are expected and as well accepted in every society. They are perceived to have nothing wrong in them by most people who usually view them every day. Most people have created the notion that the products advertised are always good ones and that the products being advertised on televisions have nothing wrong in it.

Convincing the consumers to buy the products being advertised came about with some strategies. Several commercials which have nothing to do with a product on the other hand have been employing certain lifestyles (Carroll, 2009). Some of the commonly used strategies include:

i). Ideal Families and Kids.

Research by Raylight (2007) indicate that most TV adverts targeting families usually show up perfect families that appear to be having a hip looking modern styles such as latest hair cuts, hottest fashions as well as toys. These families appearing in the adverts acts as representatives of the type of ideal families the several children viewing the commercial would prefer their families or even themselves to appear. This subsequently leads the children's families to buying the product being marketed in these commercial adverts. The fact is that buying of these products can not make them perfect families. All what the advertisers want is for you to purchase their products.

ii). Star Power

Some celebrity stars have been employed to market several products through advertisements. Someone's music star, for instance, convincing them to purchase the products they are advertising would make the music fan to buy the goods without realizing that they don't necessarily possess those products or even use them but they are there just for the money. Celebrity stars are used to get attention of the fans as well as watchers who acknowledge them (Raylight, 2007).

iii) Sounds Good

The attention of the watchers is sometimes gotten in commercial advertisement by playing some good music and sounds which can add some excitement to the viewers. This mainly applies to commercial products meant for kids.

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