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Complete 5 page APA formatted essay: Buddhism books.Download file to see previous pages... The spiritual life of Martine Batchelor started when she got interested in meditation and then got herself to

Complete 5 page APA formatted essay: Buddhism books.

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The spiritual life of Martine Batchelor started when she got interested in meditation and then got herself to live for ten years in South Korea’s meditation hall. When Martine Batchelor arrived in South Korea’s nunnery, she met a few nuns and even met Master Kusan who made her impressed which motivated her to become a nun (Batchelor and Sunim 10). Hence, it was the start of Martine Batchelor to realize that she wanted to be a Zen nun. When Martine Batchelor was ordained to be a nun, one of the nuns that she met is Son’gyong Sunim. Though Martine Batchelor is really different from Son’gyong Sunim, both of them have the same interest and passion which is the Buddhist meditation as well as becoming a Zen nun. Martine Batchelor is a woman who started to be rebellious just to find herself in the middle of France and England where she first started her life. On the other hand, Son’gyong Sunim is a very humble and kind woman who seemed to have the strength and wisdom in terms of Buddhism (Batchelor and Sunim xiv). It was even cited by Batchelor and Sunim that “her being is her awakening, and her poems express this clearly. They are evocative, pithy, and direct and show fully her power as a realized woman” (xv). ...

Son’gyong Sunim’s life is totally different. She is born during the Korean War. She had an extremely difficult life. Her family was very poor, and at that time, there was no chance for her to develop herself. Hence, she decided to be a nun. Since she was born in the time when society did not give her the chance to develop herself, she thought that becoming a Zen Buddhist nun would be the only way to change her life (Batchelor and Sunim xv). Son’gyong Sunim became a Zen Buddhist nun during the times when hearing about nuns was very rare. Her life of being a Zen Buddhist nun reflects the country of Korea at that time. Korea was still a very poor country wherein temples showed poverty (Batchelor and Sunim 49). Zen Buddhist nuns were not given any financial help. However, when Martine Batchelor experienced living with Son’gyong Sunim, she became more dedicated on the path that she chose (Batchelor and Martine 50). In addition, Martine Batchelor decided to be a Zen Buddhist nun because of her longing to know the answers to the questions that she had. For that reason, she believed that being a Zen Buddhist nun will help her renew herself. By being a Zen nun, one of the Zen texts that Martine Batchelor learned during her stay in Songgwangsa stated “one should question with the pores of one’s skin and the narrow of one’s bones.” (Batchelor and Sunim 12). Martine Batchelor and Son’gyong Sunim showed different personalities that reflect their own culture. In contrast with the life of Son’gyong Sunim, Martine Batchelor became a Zen Buddhist nun when the standard of living in Korea is developing over time. Korean people became very kind and generous toward their religion.

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