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Complete 5 page APA formatted essay: East asian studies (China culture).Download file to see previous pages... The punishments that followed were also circumvented by keeping the activities of the dai

Complete 5 page APA formatted essay: East asian studies (China culture).

Download file to see previous pages...

The punishments that followed were also circumvented by keeping the activities of the daily a secret from the government. Pan gives an example of how this is done at Southern Metropolis Daily, where the suspension of the reporter who did the SARS story was faked. Cashing in on the leeway that the government provides, and the bits of information that it unknowingly provides is also a method that the Chinese media can adopt to provide the Chinese people with the information that they deserve from a responsible media. 2. The Chinese Communist Party (CCP) has a policy that sees the capitalism that it espouses along with the tight control that it maintains on the affairs of its people as merely a stage in its achievement of a communist society. This involves a rather complex understanding of the theories that Marx had propounded. The government has, however, included some of the tenets of the welfare state that is a model that certain Scandinavian states have followed. As a result of this, there are a lot of Christian and Confucian values that seep into the consciousness of the common man. The inability of the common man to comprehend the complex tenets that the Chinese government includes in its policies also causes the rise of alternate ideologies. Such a shift would require the use of technology that would enable a change from the government’s standpoint. This would be difficult though, since the Chinese government strictly monitors the use of the internet. Even the circumvention that is effected by the Chinese electorate is one that is allowed by the government and operates as a safety valve in order to prevent any mass uprising and make them feel that their voice is being heard. 3. The concept of civil society and its role in a state like China, that has practiced some form of authoritarianism or the other at every stage of its modern history, is something that has interested western scholars throughout the period in which China has been an independent nation. In China, with a relative increase in the autonomy that has been provided in the recent past to organizations that function outside the party structure. They serve to function in those areas that are neglected by the government. They ensure the welfare of those sections that are ignored by the government that can do so precisely because of their existence. The other mode of protest that is available to the masses of China is popular unrest. However, with the amount of repression that is practiced by the government of China, it is not possible for the people to rise in protest and create unrest. This was seen during the recent Olympics, when the protests that the Tibetans carried out were completely suppressed by the government. The civil societies that work in China are, on the other hand, able to circumvent these restrictions and protest in am manner that is silently subversive and leads to a gradual change that is needed for shifts in the social arrangements. B. 1. Relations between China and Japan have always been more strained than her relations with other nations like the United States of America and Taiwan, that she does not share a cordial relation with.

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