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Complete 5 pages APA formatted article: United Arab Emirates Society Social Network.

Complete 5 pages APA formatted article: United Arab Emirates Society Social Network. The organization of Red Crescent UAE has various advantages in its favor. Firstly the organization is an affiliated body of the Red Cross agency, which adds to the brand name and the reputation of the company. The organization has efficiently carried out its humanitarian work over the years. Some other characteristics of the organization include the fact that the members of the organization act very swiftly and reaches the place of calamity in a short period of time which is of an immense benefit for the affected people. The organization not only has its presence in UAE but it has carried out its operation on a global platform. The members of the charitable organization are provided with adequate training to face any tough situation and some of the members also specialize in a variety of rescue operations and pass on their knowledge and expertise to the new volunteers joining the organization. The overall structure of the organization and the strength is another added advantage which needs to be considered. The international presence of the organization will also help the members have a clear knowledge regarding various international humanitarian laws. The overall aims of the organization also highlight the promotion of peace which is one of the basic requirements in countries like UAE.

In spite of the global presence and the standard of the operation, the cons of the organization are that the entry into the organization requires particular age criteria and the persons entering in the organization had to go through an evaluation process which is generally not considered by most of the other charitable organization.&nbsp.

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