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Your assignment is to prepare and submit a paper on analysis of yakka tech inc.

Your assignment is to prepare and submit a paper on analysis of yakka tech inc. For last five years, the customer service division of YakkaTech experienced rapid growth. However, at the same time, the firm experienced an increasing number of customer complaints regarding declining service quality. Several clients have also complained that the customer service employees of YakkaTech are not aware of the infrastructural details of their IT systems. That was surely a concern for the company as customers were becoming increasingly dissatisfied with the firm’s service. Another concern was raised as the employee turnover was increasing rapidly. This increased the labor costs for the company, as the company was incurring a higher cost to recruit new employees. Apart from that, the company also had to experience lower productivity at the initial stages, which raised concerns for the management. The company introduced a higher pay package and profit-sharing schemes for the employees. However, this could not improve the situation. rather, employee turnover rates dropped dramatically with poor service quality and declining productivity.

In this segment, an effort has been taken to diagnose the issues in the light of relevant theories and supporting references. Undoubtedly, lower customer satisfaction has been the outcome of the declining job satisfaction of the employees. Few theories have been referred to analyze the situation.

It cannot be denied that there was not enough motivation for the employees to perform well. As a consequence, the productivity of the employees was going down with high turnover rates. The foremost reason was the type of work they were handling. Undoubtedly, it became monotonous after a certain period. As per Maslow’s Hierarchy of Needs, the significance of ‘esteem&nbsp.needs’ is quite large.

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