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Complete 7 pages APA formatted article: How Is It Possible for a Person to Change Yet Remain the Same.

Complete 7 pages APA formatted article: How Is It Possible for a Person to Change Yet Remain the Same. During the course of life there will be many people who will meet you and will claim, “you have changed a lot” or “You look different from when I saw you last time”. when they say this, they might be referring to your gain of knowledge about the things around you, change in your faith or even change in your emotions and sentiments, they might also be referring to the bodily changes that a person might undergo but never would you have thought that the person who is complimenting you is actually commenting about your soul. It is true that a person does change substantially as he goes through various phases of life, but this is only physical. Humans see themselves as growing out of their old clothes, shoes, and their other belongings. According to the views of the West. every human has a soul within himself which remains the same from the beginning of life till death. it does not transform under pressure and does not grow under the light of opportunity. A person’s soul is not materialistic and cannot be touched or felt but rather it is “immaterial” or as others might say ethereal. The soul of an individual represents who he is and who he will remain for the coming days of his life. This soul is the only thing that remains the same regardless of all the changes that the body endures throughout the existence of a human being. The soul can then be linked to other unsubstantial things like human nature, consciousness, personality, and many other things that are intangible. A person’s consciousness remains the same throughout his life. Consciousness may also be referred to as the memory of a human being. A person can never forget his manners, his etiquettes, and most importantly the nature that is buried deep within himself. If a person is born honest and truthful then he will remain like that throughout his life no matter whatever hardships he might face in his life.&nbsp.A person who is shy will remain shy throughout his life, even though he may learn to become a bit outward as he goes through the different stages of life.

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