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Complete 8 page APA formatted essay: To what extent, Salford University lecturers & under graduate students adopt the idea of social network communication.Download file to see previous pages... The im

Complete 8 page APA formatted essay: To what extent, Salford University lecturers & under graduate students adopt the idea of social network communication.

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The important key factors of communication are accuracy, time consuming and readable content. “Most impotent factors when transferring data from one computer to another or telephone call are time – consuming, quality and connection ” (Jordon &amp. Churhill 1987). Digital communication is defined according to the free dictionary by Farlex “electronic transmission of information that has been encoded digitally” ( Education organisation uses communications to build a strong relation between lectures and students. Student can gain maximum level of knowledge, improving their skills and get the kind of support they need from their lectures using the gate of communication. In the UK, Salford University the main communicate between students and lectures are Salford University website (Black Board) or university email account. However, as individual effort some lectures at Salford University are recently trying to use social network to communicate with student. “Social network defined as a “users can send messages to public or particular group in different form as text, media etc. In this case social network can communicate with one or multi members” (Price at al, 2009). For the last three years studying at Salford University I found many students checking their social network first before they start their main work. Also in my first academic year in business school I learned from emerging technology lectures the use of social network for the benefits of education. This observation gives me an idea of the research topic. Some education staff at different level of education round the word use social network for the benefit of education with a limitation due to the risk and lack of awareness. In the other hand social network in not used in Salford University by all lectures this is my main reason for my research which I will try to cover to what extend Salford University will adopt the idea by students and lectures. 2. Aims My intention is to find out to what extend Lectures and under graduate students at Salford University are interested in social network communication during their academic year. 3. Objective 3.1. Primary objective a) Discussing the topic with my supervisor. b) Finding previous research reports, article, and books. The research framework c) Develop and run questionnaire d) Get in contact with lecturers using social network within Salford University for more knowledge. e) Data analysis with the help of math scope at Salford University. f) Final report. 3.2. Secondary objective a) Finding and study the method of an education organisation adopting the idea. b) Get in touch with lecturers using social network outside Salford University and discuss the concept. 4. Literature Review How social net work is used? “Today there is a lot of thematic social networks that are trying to get the attention of new visitors and members every day”. “ Education is an evolutionary realm. it has been changing and including new practices since its beginnings in order to support changes in society, from the most recent technologies one of the most popular are society networks especially among youngsters” (A. Mora-Soto, 2009). Many people use social network for different purposes. Table 1 below shows how many people use social network spicily above the age of 15 years.

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