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Compose a 750 words essay on Case Study: Multicultural, Couples and Family, and Group Counseling. Needs to be plagiarism free!Download file to see previous pages... Counselors hold the responsibilitie

Compose a 750 words essay on Case Study: Multicultural, Couples and Family, and Group Counseling. Needs to be plagiarism free!

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Counselors hold the responsibilities of reading, understanding, and following the code of ethics and at the same time sticking to the laws and regulations. C.2. counselors practice within limits of competence, training and professional credentials, at the state and national level. After appropriate education and specialization, counselors are allowed to practice C.5., which is nondiscriminatory. Counselors avoid discrimination based on culture, language preference, religion, sexual orientation, marital status, socioeconomic status, gender identity, age, disability or other aspects as envisaged in the law. C.6.A do not engage in the solicitation of sex either through verbal or non-verbal conduct, which is sexual in nature or physical advances that break professional codes in the services offered. The harassment entails pervasive acts that are single intense or severe persistent. C.6.B entails the act of honesty, accuracy and objectiveness in reporting judgments and professional activities such as recipients of evaluation reports, courts and health insurance. When counselors advice through different medias. they ensure the statements are concurrent with code of ethics, relevant to professional counseling practice and literature. Deterring information from recipients is discouraged in professional counseling relationships. C.6.C discourages counselors from exploiting their clients. C.7. entails counselors making remarks that are their personal views, and thus not speaking for other counselors in the public context (Heppne &amp. Kivlighan, 2008). Joe receives Jill with shock and wide eyes when she narrates her ordeal to him. Joe’s professional code of ethics, competence, and qualification level are compromised by his reaction, which is not expected of a counselor. He does not read, understand and follow the ethical codes standards from the first impression. Jill becomes victimized. Joe seems judgmental of her attraction towards women as immoral and wrong in the traditional catholic customs. He rules out this kind of feeling, but instead advises Jill to erase it, seek personal prayer and forgiveness ignoring the depth of the matter. Jill feels stigmatized about her socioeconomic status, religion and marital status. This stigma causes desperation and depression, which Joe is presumably incompetent to address and handle. She hopelessly drops the latter and jumps to family therapy having felt low self-esteem and less understanding from Joe (Heppne &amp. Kivlighan, 2008). Joe introduces a new technique called rebirthing, which he reads from a magazine. The article’s technique was used in Europe in changing views and relationships of people in their families. It wipes away memories. He wants Jill to be the experimental specimen, this act is against ACA codes, and it is unprofessional practice because Joe does not know its repercussions. Joe does not have the professional background, as it is out of his area of specialty and he does not have any supervisory elements of that technique. Joe limits his professionalism, when Jill explains to him about her cultural heritage, influences and specific behaviors he states that his geographic region has confined him within limits of studies. He fails to advise Jill wisely and drops this issue. Loneliness creeps in Jill’s life adding depression to her already hurting life (Heppne &amp. Kivlighan, 2008).

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