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Complete 8 page APA formatted essay: Unisys Corporation.Download file to see previous pages... Due to the fact that the company faced financing problems including a large debt, the procedure of this t

Complete 8 page APA formatted essay: Unisys Corporation.

Download file to see previous pages...

Due to the fact that the company faced financing problems including a large debt, the procedure of this transformation proved to be not an easy task to accomplish. Today Unisys is a worldwide information technology services and solutions company. The company has presence in numerous areas of the world. On top of the company hierarchy are the Chairman and CEO, as well as the following leading positions: -Senior vice president, Worldwide Human Resources -Senior vice president / President, TCIS / President, WW Strategic Services -Senior vice president / President, Federal Systems (US government) -Senior vice president / President, Global Outsourcing &amp. Infrastructure Services -Senior vice president &amp. Chief Financial Officer - Senior vice president &amp. Chief Information Officer - Senior vice president, Corporate Development - Senior vice president, General Counsel &amp. Secretary -Vice Precident &amp. Treasurer - Vice Precident &amp. Corporate Controller At the subordinate levels there exists a number of Regional heads, that are responsible for specific areas of the world, and below them the country general managers. However the whole organizational structure not strictly vertical. There exist a number of company operations that are decentralized and others that are centralized. Competitors The main competitors of Unisys include the traditional large-scale computer manufacturers such as IBM, group BULL, Fujitsou and HP have been the main “traditional” competitors of Unisys in its Core business, the mainframes market. In addition during the resent years, those companies, as well as numerous new ones -e.g. consulting integrators such as Accenture - compete Unisys in the new market of Systems integrators and Integrated Solutions Providers. Problems of the Unisys Corporation Although...

This essay stresses that most of the leading players realized that in order to maintain their leading position they had to become more client focused, i.e. more focused to the client needs than to just selling computer boxes. In that way they quite successfully transformed their products from just “computers” to solutions. Their marketing strategy changed in order to be service oriented rather than product oriented. Customers should now have to choose integrated IT solutions, not just IT systems.

This is what made the difference. Unfortunately Unisys did not do that well in that field. Although the company did make efforts to become a systems/solutions integrator, by developing consulting services in parallel to selling products, it was not made possible to catch up with competition.As a consequence, the company profitability has fallen dramatically during the recent years. Financial results of the recent years have been relatively weak for a firm of such size.

This article makes a conclusion that a new strategy and organizational change are required in order to reposition the Unisys brand name in order to create competitive advantage against its competitors, based on the improvement of the following main elements. Within the last decades Unisys has experienced certain problems due to its lack of solid strategy, increasing competition and market saturation. The company requires revising of its strategy and organizational structure in order to ensure its competitive advantage and leading position in its field in the years to come.

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