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Complete 8 pages APA formatted article: The Customer Views on Whiskey and Alcohol.

Complete 8 pages APA formatted article: The Customer Views on Whiskey and Alcohol. Consumer marketing and consumer marketing research are very complex situations with a thorough understanding of the markets. This report aims at providing a research proposal for Walker Shortbreads. Walkers Shortbread has been in the industry for over 112 years and the company has been providing excellent quality shortbreads to the UK and US. The company now aims at introducing new flavored bread in the region of Glasgow. The report aims at creating a research proposal for the company to help the company gain a better perspective of the customers and their choice and to gain a better understanding of the prospective markets. The report has been written to cater to the needs of the company and provide the company with a brief overview of how the research can be undertaken. The report will provide a deep and thorough explanation of the possible research techniques that can be undertaken by the company to reach out to the prospective buyers and the target market in Glasgow. This report will contain a clear set of problem statements and the problem definition following which the research objectives and the research methodology will be prepared. This will provide a brief insight into the research methods that are available along with the chosen methodology for the research.

The aim of this research and the main problem on which this research is based on the ‘introduction of a new product’. Walkers Shortbread plans at introducing a new whiskey and liquor flavor shortbread in the region of Glasgow. The company needs to gain an idea of the views and perspectives of the customers on this flavor of products. This will help the company to forecast the demand and also learn whether it is viable to introduce the product in the markets.

Qualitative Research:

Qualitative research takes into account an in-depth view of the behavior patterns of people. It aims at finding the reasons behind each aspect of behavior or trend that is displayed.

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