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Complete 8 pages APA formatted article: Understanding the Mask of the Spaniards and the Mask of Martin Guirre.

Complete 8 pages APA formatted article: Understanding the Mask of the Spaniards and the Mask of Martin Guirre. As part of the wanting to let the people know the things left unknown, there are several points that have to be cleared and furthered stretched from the long story which was translated several times, having English as the sixth one. The first point that can be derived from the long and different narratives of places visited and devastated by the Spaniards is the point saying that the repetitive tortures and stories of killings, butcheries and burnings which lasted for many years appear like a culture that runs in the blood of the Spaniards. Except for Queen Isabel who according to the author as a kind heart and should be blessed by heaven, the rest of the greedy Spanish people is a full version of evil masked with the purpose of spreading Christianity and heaven’s blessing for the people.

Understanding this blood of terror that reached and proliferated from America to the New Kingdom of Granada, we get to know the possible emergence of terror not just in the future but in the present globalized world. More than that, it is also significant to express the ‘otherness’ of the Indians in their own country. Aside from losing their right for decisions concerning their lives and politics in their own land, they also lost the real path and direction to where they wanted themselves to be because of the fear of meeting death in the hands of the executioners.

The message here as we underscore this point is that we can never tell how it all ended or if at this point in time it is still happening. We usually mind our own lives and only take notice of history in class or during tests. But the evil, the pain and the picture of butcheries stay unknowingly. Time moves like things that change but some things just evolve through time. The repetition of events and ways, means and processes of killings and snatching of children from the breast of their mothers only give a hint to all of us that things can be repeated at any cost and at any time.

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