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Compose a 1000 words assignment on applying organizational psychology. Needs to be plagiarism free!

Compose a 1000 words assignment on applying organizational psychology. Needs to be plagiarism free! Therefore, it is necessary that such strategies should be framed that aid in the betterment of the organizational effectiveness. Applying Organizational Psychology The main focus of applying the principles of Organizational Psychology to recruitment process is to pay attention to the abilities, needs, career development process and the training of the employees. To discuss the recruitment process, the first priority is to understand the relationship between the employee and the applicant. Industrial and Organizational Psychology or work psychology contributes to an organization’s workplace environment and its performance. Therefore, it is necessary to understand the personnel psychology along with organizational psychology. “Personnel psychology concerns the relationship between the persons and the organization, in particular, the establishment of relationship, its development and its termination. The focus is on employees, i-e those with whom the organization has temporal relationship.” (Drenth & Thierry, 1998, p.1) The focus on employees has increased in the past 25years.As earlier limited exposure was given to this field. With time development and much attention is given to this department to study for organizations effectiveness. In recent years, from an organization point of view the recruitment process has been divided into four main phases: describing the requirement of the job position, publishing the job posting, receiving of applications and finally appointing and making the right decision (Mochol, Oldakowski & Heese, 2004). The recruitment process is also a branch of Human resource Management. It has the same function as recruitment process. Using Semantic Web technologies, a better and improved way of matching of job postings and application’s process is adopted. Other than these job offers from the Web and Online portals would reach more potential applicants. This will benefit both the employers and the applicants. Organizational psychology is the scientific study of organizations. It contributes greatly to the improvement and success of an organization’s workplace environment. Similarly, from the applicant’s point of view there are few things one keeps in mind while applying for any job. There are several things that led the applicant to judge the Organization. Firstly, it’s the need of any particular job for the applicant. secondly, it’s whether his or her skills and qualities are fulfilling the requirement of the position. Lastly, it’s the working environment of the organization. let’s say if someone is ill treated in any interview, consequently, even if he fulfills the requirements of the job, he would not willingly take the job offer (Jex & Britt, 2008, p 64-66). To avoid this situation new strategies for organizational effectiveness are adopted. An organization needs good and competitive workers for its success. Organizational psychology helps to identify individual candidates, create an appealing workplace and maintain a healthy relationship with its employees. This helps in maximizing the organization’s outcome, better recruitment strategies can be adopted. Along with this, organizational psychology encourages the understanding between the employees and the organization. The studies of Staw (1986) guide us that a happy worker is a productive worker.

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