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Hi, need to submit a 2500 words paper on the topic Customer Relationship Management in Microsoft Company.

Hi, need to submit a 2500 words paper on the topic Customer Relationship Management in Microsoft Company. The process further stimulates plans to ensure prompt delivery of technologically improved products in order to deliver satisfaction to the consumers. At this point, Microsoft Inc. thrives as the industry’s most successful business entity in the production of software applications that coincide with the prevailing market needs and lead to satisfaction by serving to the desired effect. Microsoft Dynamics and the “go-to-market” resolution is a precise approach to ensuring customer cohesion as the company focuses upon customer market segmentation in order to be certain of the production needs. Further, the company establishes its various product category to ascertain on the mode of developing new products. However, laxity does not prevail thereafter as the company’s management intrigues into ascertaining different prices for its different product specifications and in accordance with the market variables. The company unleashed Microsoft, Fortune 500 as a new resolution to ensuring that the company’s production line would produce a wider range of products including personal computers and mobile phones (Gross, Akaiwa, and Nordquist 45). Mainly, the company relates its performances into ensuring positive outcomes in its marketing and sales forecasts, and ascertaining that all services reflect the needs of the consumer. Since Microsoft’s software products are the most reliable for use in personal computers, the company rests advantaged to competing at a broad perspective following the current venture in the production of mobile phones and computer chips, for example, the windows phone. The strengths prevail that the company upholds the importance of its products and focuses on developing its hardware devices in order to suppress the threat of counterfeiting and competition. The continuous update of the software programs inclines the company to lure the clientele group to the understanding that it is the most competent organization and aims at delivering value and satisfaction (Ward 48). Research and development play an important role in ensuring that the company engages in a continuous product development process which of lately led to the implementation of competitive windows products, for example, the continuous updates on windows software, the development of windows phone, and Xbox software among other products. The pricing approach for Microsoft products Microsoft Company’s marketing team ensures that the prices set for its products coincide with the technology used in the products. Therefore, its wide range of software products reflect on the use of different technological approaches thus. the prices established therein denote on the prevailing variations (Weiss 55). For instance, the Microsoft Windows 8 Pro sells in the global market at a price of $199.99 dollars whereas the previous innovation, the Microsoft Windows 7 Professional sells at $74.99.&nbsp.

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