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Hello, I am looking for someone to write an article on Final Assignment: Eating Disorder. It needs to be at least 1750 words.

Hello, I am looking for someone to write an article on Final Assignment: Eating Disorder. It needs to be at least 1750 words. Dying to Be Thin In this movie I paid close attention to a character called Erin, who will be the focus of the next seven paragraphs. She was fourteen years old when she began her battle with anorexia nervosa. Erin is a good example of using adaptive functions. Costin (2007), discusses how the eating disorder serves a purpose to the person. Often times the eating disorder is used to make up for something the person is lacking. In Erin’s case she was sexually abused. Erin talked a lot about the need for control and power in her life. In order to cope with the trauma she suffered at the hands of her abuser, she created the eating disorder. It made her feel better because she had something she could control. The eating disorder allowed her to adapt to her circumstances. Anorexia may have soothed Erin in a strange way. It soothed the feelings of low self worth the abuse she endured caused. From the outside looking in it may seem to us ludicrous that an eating disorder could be soothing, but to Erin it was all she felt she had. Objectified Body Consciousness certainly applies in Erin’s case. John and Deborah Haydel (2003) looked at several aspects of OBC. They defined three major ones in their work. The first being surveillance. This deals with viewing the body as an outside observer, but only looking at its appearance and not taking into account how the person actually feels about their body, or what the person is able to accomplish with their body. The second aspect is body shame. This is when the person is feeling ashamed that their body is not conforming to what society may consider the norm. The third is appearance control beliefs. I want to discuss Erin in terms of the second aspect, body shame. As we already have established Erin was sexually abused. To me, that could warrant feeling shame about one’s own body. She wanted to look perfect. This was something she stated a few times during the film. Maybe she felt if her body looked perfect she could somehow wash away the shame she felt for what happened to her. The problem with that belief is no matter how much weight she lost she could look in the mirror and still feel that her body wasn’t good enough. I think culture, media and family played a huge role in Erin’s view of her body. It may have been that the sexual abuse was carried out by a family member or someone she knew. Erin talked about how she felt the abuse was the triggering event in causing the eating disorder. In this particular film many characters including Erin felt the media and society played a role. Looking at magazines and seeing models on television encouraged Erin and the other women on the film to feel thin equaled beautiful. The thinner you are the more beautiful you will be. Erin was certainly a victim of the perfection game. The more she fit into society’s cookie cutter image of what beauty was, the more she would be looked at as perfect. Erin mentioned the need to be and look perfect several times during the film, making it seem like an obsession for her. Erin seemed to be a very high stress person, especially when she felt out of control or she wasn’t able to do everything perfect. One technique that may help Erin is guided imagery. Costin (2007) describes this technique as a meditative state in which the person uses their imagination to connect their mind and body. Using this technique a person can access all five senses of the body.

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