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Compose a 1000 words essay on Boiler room. Needs to be plagiarism free!Download file to see previous pages... Upon entering JT Marlin’s offices that served as short time brokerage firm in the New Yo

Compose a 1000 words essay on Boiler room. Needs to be plagiarism free!

Download file to see previous pages...

Upon entering JT Marlin’s offices that served as short time brokerage firm in the New York’s outskirts, Seth meets cameo performances from Jay (Specogna 85). This performance gives him a resolution to pursue money with more vigor. His driving forces include the fractured relationship he had with his father and the love interests he began showing on Abbie. These two factors give him more motivation. His initial excellence further gives him courage to sell and pursue high commission. However, a few contacts in his business dealings start questioning legitimacy of many firms. His latest stand only highlights strained association with his father. It also highlights deterioration of morality in society (Specogna 85). Issues of morality are evident in the movie when Seth, who is a morally upright student, not only drops out of college but also disagrees with his harsh father. It is unfortunate that his father, who was a federal judge, considers him illegitimate instead of supporting him through his college education. Ben Younger portrays the father as morally lacking. When Seth gets a stockbroker’s job, he puts in a lot of determination and hard work in his endeavors to be successful. However, things assume a worse turn when Seth discovers that the job he was doing failed to serve its purpose (Specogna 48). The director of this movie portrays Seth as a college student with high aspirations even after dropping from Queens College. He decides to operate a casino from his rented apartment as a source of revenue. However, this casino fails to meet Seth’s father’s expectations. As an obedient son, Seth considers either an approval or disapproval of his stern and adjudicating father very important. As a way of obeying the wishes of his father, Seth drops his casino business and decides to pursue a career in stock brokerage. He learns this idea from J.T Martin. Although he joined as a junior associate, he soon learned the idea of doing sales over the phone craft. His hard work and resilience nature soon earn him a senior broker’s position upon obtaining Series 7 license. He exudes success in his sales career and even registers for training that makes his earnings increase upon completion. However, he later learns that J.T Marlin’s earnings are excessively higher when compared with the average. This makes him develop suspicions for the business practices conducted by J.T Marlin. At this point Seth realized that his entry into this sales profession was only to please his father. The reality was that he was in a wrong profession and was disappointed. This illustrates the immorality of choices. Parents who force their children into professions that they do not like are only acting immoral (Specogna 89). Legal and ethical conflicts of the movie Many opportunists in the society today would seek to take advantage of other persons especially the weak. The Boiler room movie illustrates this situation of the society through its several scenarios. The morality and ethical concepts within society are neglected in the movie in pursuit of status and profits. Seth Davis draws attention from the boiler room. Although he runs a successful gambling operation in his apartment, ethical issues of the business are highlighted as evident in the tender ages of clients. Besides, his father, who is a federal judge, feels embarrassed by his son’s choice of career. Consequently, Seth closes down his business after listening to Jim Young who tells him that money can make one happy.

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