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Compose a 1000 words essay on Proposal Presentation. Needs to be plagiarism free!Download file to see previous pages... In this case, researchers are made to go through an array of ethical requirement

Compose a 1000 words essay on Proposal Presentation. Needs to be plagiarism free!

Download file to see previous pages...

In this case, researchers are made to go through an array of ethical requirements. There is the need to meet professional and institutional standards as well as those for conducting any research related to human participants. In helping steer clear of any ethical quandaries, this research would consider a number of research ethics. First, the researcher would frankly discuss the intellectual property with the participants (Bernardin &amp. Nairn, 2008). More often than not, academic competitiveness leads to trouble depending on who should be credited for authorship. The best way to avoid disagreements on who is to be credited and which order to use, the researcher should talk about the issues at the beginning of the researcher's working relationships with the participants and should ensure they are put in writing (DiMauro &amp. Grant, 2006). This will act as a tool to help discuss and evaluate the contributions during the research process. Secondly, the researchers would be conscious of multiple roles of the participants. This could be achieved by avoiding relationships that might tend to impair the researchers’ professional performance or could cause harm to others. However, they will have to take note that many multiple relationships are not ethical especially if they could have some adverse effects (Goree, 2006). When recruiting participants in this study, the researchers would have to think carefully before commencing multiple relationships with students. In this case, the researcher would act as a lab supervisor as well as a mentor and would make sure he or she does not abuse the power to differentiate himself or herself from the participants (Bernardin &amp. Nairn, 2008). The researcher would make sure he/she outlines the nature and structure of mentoring before the mentoring begins. Thirdly, the code of ethics to be upheld during the study would be to make sure the informed consent rules are strictly followed. Doing this properly, the consent process would ensure that the participants voluntarily participate in the research when fully informed of the relevant benefits and risks. Lastly, the researcher would have to consider respecting the confidentiality and privacy of the participants. Respecting individual rights to confidentiality as well as privacy is a key tenet for every researcher (Bernardin &amp. Nairn, 2008). The researcher will, therefore, have to discus confidentiality limits, giving the participants information concerning how their data will be put into use and for them to know the law of the state, as well as taking practical security measures. Failure of observing ethical stipulations may lead to incidences of taboos – a common element in the incidents of ethical based violations. However, the task of establishing personal ethics is rather demanding. This is with regard to the essence of ethics in an individual’s life. Adoption of appropriate ethical perceptions is a demand that is instilled in the person by his or her immediate community. This makes ethics seem inclusive of an expectation as well as the desire to protect one’s perception of life (Goree, 2006). Ethical beliefs are regularly challenged, especially during the address of various aggressions in the daily lives. The success in the addressing of these challenges implies a positive or impressive performance of our ethical beliefs and research.

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