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Hi, need to submit a 1000 words essay on the topic Gender Roles in America.Download file to see previous pages... If someone defies the typing system that our minds have in place, it is frustrating an

Hi, need to submit a 1000 words essay on the topic Gender Roles in America.

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If someone defies the typing system that our minds have in place, it is frustrating and open to resistance because that additional attention is being taken away. This is the essence of work in social psychology on androgyny—the state of displaying both male and female gender characteristics (Clarke, 2002, p. 300). Gender, particularly in America, is a useful tool for both describing and prescribing the behavior that individuals of a certain type should exhibit. A study of gender roles that focuses on describing, rather than prescribing, behavior will look at current research in how these roles are functioning in their local context, and what this research suggests about gender roles in general. To give adequate attention, however, to what a gender role is, one must first define what gender is. Etymologically, gender comes from the Latin word genus, meaning “kind” or “type,” which ties in quite nicely with the discussion above about how human beings tend to type or classify individuals according to their similarities with others within a sub-group. Money (1955) introduced the idea of gender as a role in 1955, something to be contrasted with a biologically defined sex. However, the idea that gender is a “kind” or “type” is still implied in the observation that it is a “role,” since any role contains certain defined functions or goals that unite members of the category. In the case of gender roles, this classification is based on clothing, speech patterns, movement, occupations, and other factors not limited to the biological sex distinction that Money (1995) introduced for the first time. Accordingly, a gender role is a set (or collection) of behaviors, characteristics, and norms prescribed for individuals of a particular biological sex by a particular culture or by their sexual physiology. It is important to note that this definition admits that both culture and physiology lead to respective gender roles: admitting that there are inherent physiological differences between men and women (Luders, Gaser, Narr, &amp. Toga, 2009). In addition, this definition incorporates the fact that a particular culture is responsible for how gender roles are prescribed. For instance, gender roles between Arab countries and the United States differ greatly, and the scope of this analysis is constrained only to looking at gender roles in the latter category. Nevertheless, it is important to recognize that gender roles are culturally specific in how they are affected, expressed, and enforced by social changes. The present analysis will look at each of these three developments in the context of gender roles in America. For how gender roles are expressed by social changes, a good strategy might be to look at the relationship between feminism and gender roles in America. Feminism, according to Hawke (2008), has left a positive effect on marriage dynamics between men and women. Even on men, who now have a greater opportunity to get to know their children, feminism has opened new opportunities for social interaction and relationship development (p. 73). The author, based on the vision of proto-feminist Elizabeth Cady Stanton, the American marriage based on the equality of both partners is stronger today than it ever has been in its history.

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