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Compose a 1500 words assignment on research-week11. Needs to be plagiarism free!

Compose a 1500 words assignment on research-week11. Needs to be plagiarism free! Teachers can improve children’s attitudes toward school, behavior at school, and academic achievement through the use of effective methods of directions and management. Researched effects of programs offered to teachers, parents, and children. The gap that I see is the application of the social factors in isolation and the extent of impact they have on juvenile behavior being explained by the use of the social learning theory. Also one can achieve a much superior understanding of the individual, societal and psychological aspects of juvenile delinquency. Theory/Theories or Conceptual Framework(s) Related to the Area of Inquiry: The theory that I plan on incorporating in my research is the Social control theory. Social control theory refers to a perspective which predicts that when social constraints on antisocial behavior are weakened or absent, delinquent behavior emerges. Rather than stressing causative factors in criminal behavior, control theory asks why people actually obey rules instead of breaking them. This theory stresses the idea that people in a society commit delinquent or criminal acts because of the weakness of the forces restraining them, not because of the strength of forces driving them to do so. It asserts that social controls, like arrest, imprisonment, loss of income, etc. increase the costs of violent behaviors (Psychology glossary). Purpose of Your Research: The purpose of this research paper will be to investigate the social causes of violent juvenile crime. The social elements examined will be that of domestic violence, substance abuse, peer pressure and perhaps media exposure. The social control theory will aid in the explanation and examination of these factors and together accumulate to enhance our understanding of how dire the impact of social elements on today’s youth’s ability to commit crimes is. Your Proposed Research Approach/Methodology: Mixed method research. Describe Your Proposed Design: The mixed method research design that suits research into my area of interest is sequential explanatory strategy. Similar to sequential explanatory strategy, it is conducted in two phases. However this strategy is characterized by the collection and analysis of qualitative data followed by the collection and analysis of quantitative data. In turn, priority is given to the qualitative aspects of this study. The purpose of this strategy is to use quantitative data and results to assist in the interpretation of the qualitative findings (Knowledge base, web). Proposed Research Population and How You Would Draw Upon this Population for your Research Inquiry: Under 18 boys and girls with a juvenile record, who are primarily high school students and belong to the American culture. The method of non probability sampling I believe will be most appropriate for carrying out my research. In fact to be even specific purposive sampling technique which aids exploratory research and encompasses obtaining data from specific individuals, in case of my investigation this would be juveniles. This will ensure internal validity of the study as the chosen sample will be a certain fraction of the population. With the help of self report surveys. questionnaire or poll participants will select a response by themselves without researcher interference.

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