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Compose a 1750 words assignment on everyday playtime for adults by zamora dulce. Needs to be plagiarism free!

Compose a 1750 words assignment on everyday playtime for adults by zamora dulce. Needs to be plagiarism free! According to Zamora, there are some inherent benefits of adults including leisure time and activities in their lives. Similarly, there are some negative impacts of not including leisure time in adults’ lives. Additionally, some factors determine the choice of play or leisure activities that will satisfactorily suit people’s plans and produce the most benefits to an individual.

This discussion will investigate the concept of leisure as discussed by Dulce Zamora, and outline some of the discussed benefits and limitations of including, or not including leisure time and activities in adults’ lives. Zamora recalls childhood behavior, activities and the role they play in the refreshing human mind. For instance, he says, “Remember creating mud pies as a child? Think of, how slimy the damp mud sensed between your fingers, and how you enjoyed designing the parties,” (Dillard 5). Alternatively, how about the moment you cycled your bicycle for hours about your environs, halting only when you felt exhausted.

Although, the moments of extreme fun when one could move around without restrictions may appear far away, and imaginary with the present day’s never-ending list of activities to perform, it may be achievable to bring back most of the childhood fun and enjoyment and integrate it into today’s adult busy schedules. Before wondering out how to incorporate leisure time into the busy schedules, it may aid to realize what you are attempting to fix, (Charlotte 10).

Experts suggest that, for anything to be attractive and pleasurable, freedom of choice and the view of control are crucial aspects. For instance, an individual who loves cooking of gourmet may not find enjoyment in making a meal that he feels attached to doing. Similarly, individuals who feel they should fix leisure time into their schedules may be hitting the goal.

Dingwell argues that individuals tend to go to extremities and fill even their vacation time with multiple activities and tasks they believe they should take part in, for instance, sports, parties and other social activities. Instead of concentrating on the crucial activities, they recommend ways, to relax, and having sympathy for ourselves.&nbsp.

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