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Compose a 1750 words essay on Style Analysis. Needs to be plagiarism free!Download file to see previous pages... All this has been discussed within the scope of this paper with examples and comparison

Compose a 1750 words essay on Style Analysis. Needs to be plagiarism free!

Download file to see previous pages...

All this has been discussed within the scope of this paper with examples and comparisons borrowed from relevant literature. A short story, to begin with, maybe a work of either fiction or nonfiction, and is usually written in the narrative form. The length of a short story may differ from author to author, from a few pages to half a hundred pages. It includes various genres and styles of writing and are mostly works of art and integrity. Authors try to express their emotions through short stories and most of them written in the 21st century are a result of abstract thinking and reasoning in the minds of the writers. Most short stories have anecdotes or morals towards the end of them and end in an abrupt manner, leaving the reader thinking to himself what the ending might be. In earlier times, great authors, for example Aesop, even wrote fables which have become renowned in the world today as short stories with morals which are usually read out to children in order to teach them lessons in life. Many spiritual and religious leaders in the world today make use of short stories in order to help people understand the ways of the world and thus pave the way for them. Early writers like Guy de Maupassant and E. T. A Hoffman wrote some of the first short stories in fiction which are read by a vast range of readers in the world even today. There are a number of authors today that write only short stories because they find it easier to tell a story through a few pages and are able to express themselves better. Furthermore, many authors feel that they do not have the capacity to stretch on and write a book because somewhere down the pages they might lose their touch or style of writing and will not be able to carry on writing the book. It is also very easy to adapt short stories into other works of art, namely, plays, theatre productions and sometimes, even films. A short story can be reformed by other authors and script writers easily as they are less complex and leave room for thinking and additional thought as well. They usually take place over a shorter period of time and have fewer characters in order for the author to be able to narrate what he wants to say through the story in a crisp and concise manner. They are illustrative as the author tries to convey all his emotions within a few pages. Short stories begin to falter when the writer or author has a lot to say but has very few pages to say it in. He is thus not able to confine his emotions and spills on to more than 10,000 words, which is the average accepted figure for writing a short story. In such a case, he moves on to writing a bigger work of fiction, otherwise known as a novel. Thus, in a short story, the author must have a specific direction that he is moving in because there is no room for bringing about much change or any flexibility in order to deviate from the topic or theme that has been chosen because of the tight noose on the world limit. Short stories are appreciated by a larger audience as well because of their length and the reader’s considerable amount of maintaining concentration. A short story must be gripping enough for the reader to finish reading it within one sitting.

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