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Compose a 2000 words essay on New Venture Creation Project. Needs to be plagiarism free!Download file to see previous pages... This is because it influences the manner in which they interact with thei

Compose a 2000 words essay on New Venture Creation Project. Needs to be plagiarism free!

Download file to see previous pages...

This is because it influences the manner in which they interact with their peers, and the manner in which they conduct their business operations. For instance, the current century is shaped by the emergence of the social media. People look for friends and associations in sights such as facebook, web2.0, and twitter (Pakroo and Marcia, 20). A large percentage of people access these sights by using the computers. Business men on the other hand peruse through the internet in search of information concerning their business activities (Murthy, 23). Murthy (25) further denotes that business organizations cannot achieve their objectives without using computers. Basing on this background, there is a ready market for computer products. On this note, it is advisable to invest in this sector, and to do this, an entrepreneur must have a business plan. A plan will help in raising funds for the business enterprise, and therefore set directions for the business. For instance, this plan identifies the computer services and products my business intends to offer, and the location of the business establishment. It identifies the scope of the business operations, and the managerial personnel. It also identifies the marketing strategies of the business establishment, its growth plan, and the expected sales revenues. It also identifies the capital required and whether there is a need for an investor. Products and Services offered: The computer products for sale are all computers hardware and software. This includes hardware components such as central processing units (CPUs), tfts, monitors, and a computer key board. The business also sells products such as Kaspersky’s. an anti-virus. The business concerns itself with the repair of broken computer parts, and the designing of websites for companies, and individual people. A central processing unit is a computer hardware whose main function is to carry the instructions of a computer program through logical and arithmetic operations of a computer system (Murthy, 34). It is a core requirement for a computer system to be complete. On this note there, these hardware’s will form a majority of the computer products that my organization will sell. Other products are the TFTS, the monitors, and the computer keyboards. My organization can also assemble these parts for purposes of producing a complete computer system. But this service will only depend on the requirements of the customer. Computer systems are also under attack from viruses, and other computer malwares. On this basis therefore, a computer system needs to have software’s that protects it from such kind of attacks. Basing on this need, my organization will seek to sell anti-virus and anti-malwares software such as Kaspersky. Kaspersky is effective in protecting computer systems from malware and virus attack (Murthy, 27). Basing on this notion, Kaspersky’s is a much sought after computer software, and it will prove to be profitable if we trade in it. The business establishment will also have a repair unit, composed of highly trained individuals on all manner computer maintenance and repairs (Perryer, 28). I believe this service is essential considering the nature of our business. For example, a customer might buy a product from us, and it becomes defective. The proper way is to repair the product, instead of returning back his or her cash. The business will also concern itself with the designing of websites, for individuals and corporate organizations.

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