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Write a 4 page essay on Project proposal.Download file to see previous pages... 3. Objectives: • Determine Chinese students’ evaluations of themselves in student placement. • Find out Chinese st

Write a 4 page essay on Project proposal.

Download file to see previous pages...

3. Objectives: • Determine Chinese students’ evaluations of themselves in student placement. • Find out Chinese students' weaknesses in student placement performance from their perspective and their mentors’. • Combine research data with employer's need to develop Chinese students' performance in the placement. • Put forth recommendations for Chinese students to improve their performance in advance placement class. 4. Context: Ask any hospitality manager what their greatest challenge is, and they will probably reply, “Finding and keeping employees.” For many recent college graduates, who will have the job is the people with good degree and hourly work experience. - Jack E. Miller A Chinese student who has working experience abroad has greater chances of being hired when they apply for a job in China. These working experiences are also a good opportnity to practice English and understand the industry that he wants to be affiliated with. Moreover, the placement experience is helpful in the final year study, which can help the student link the theories with practice for better appreciation of what has been learned. This study is about Chinese students’ evaluations of themselves during placement experiences. ...

5. Literature Books: Colin, B &amp. John P, W (2002). The Power of Experiential Learning. London: Kogan Page Limited Chapter 2 of this book explores experiential learning, which includes its definition and learning from mistakes. This may be used to discuss the benefits of placement. Jack E, M &amp. John R, W &amp. Karen, E (2001). Supervision in the Hospitality Industry. 4th ed. Canada: John Wiley &amp. Sons, Inc. The book is about first-line supervision. It introduces the responsibilities of supervision and their role in the hospitality industry. Moreover, it shows some information about what international students may learn from the placement. Mary L, T (2001). Human Resources Management for The Hospitality Industry. 2nd ed. Florida: Thomson Learning Inc. Training is an important and necessary part of placement, and in chapter 6, the hospitality orientation and training programmes introduced the reasons of training and what is training. Chapter 12 presents multiculturalism in the hospitality workplace. Peter, A and Judy, S (1992). Managing Work Experience. Kent: London and New York. This book presents the educational purpose of placement and the ambiguous role of the student, the process of placement management and assessment and also included an outline of the Sheffield project which shows the terms 'visiting tutors' and 'placement tutors' refer to members of staff from the students' academic course who are responsible for the supervision of individual students during the placement period. Stipek, D. J. (1988). Motivation to learn: From theory to practice. Englewood Cliffs, NJ: Prentice Hall.

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