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Compose a 2250 words essay on Improving the Application Availability with ISO 9001. Needs to be plagiarism free!Download file to see previous pages... This paper will address the aspects of ISO 9001 t

Compose a 2250 words essay on Improving the Application Availability with ISO 9001. Needs to be plagiarism free!

Download file to see previous pages...

This paper will address the aspects of ISO 9001 that serve to improve the performance of applications. 2. Introduction The current times can be termed as the technological era where software and application development has greatly improved the mode of business. However, the development of software to fulfill some specific need is not the sole purpose of the matter. The quality and reliability of the software also play vital roles in the provision of any service. It is due to this reason that several standards and guidelines have been formulated to judge the productivity and quality of any software. ISO 9001 is one of such standards that can provide complete guidance for production and maintenance processes. The conformance to the standard facilitates the improvement of the application availability. 3. Research Methods Descriptive approach has been adapted in the research study of the respective title. The requirements of the ISO 9001 standard have been studied and their impact on the productivity of the resultant service and application. An ISO 9001 compliant IT company was chosen to further investigate the impact of the adoption of the respective standard on the quality of products and services. 4. Analysis ISO 9001 is a comprehensive set of guidelines that form the basis of compliance for any organization that wishes to become certified with these standards. ISO 9001 focuses on the formulation of a quality management system that helps the organization to fulfill the requirements of the customers in an effective manner. These standards are regularly revised by the International Standards Organization to ensure that they comply with the continuing changes in the markets trends and technologies. The latest version of ISO 9001:2008 has lessened the main categories from 25 to only 5. According to International Organization for Standardization (2011), the 5 main clauses are. Quality Management System Management Responsibilities Resource Management Product Realization Measurement analysis and improvement 4.1 Analysis of an ISO 9001 Compliant Company Amadeus is a well renowned solution provider for the travel industry for the effective management of services. They are known to provide the solutions to some of the well known names in the travel industry. According to Amadeus IT Group SA (2008). the company has possessed a continuing commitment to the incorporation of technology in their business processes and operations. this earned them the ISO 9001:2000 certification in 2000. Amadeus has been one of the first companies of its kind to realize the importance of complying with the ISO standards and finally attained it in the beginning of the present century. They improved their services and infrastructure to comply with the standards of the certification. As a result of the compliance, their systems and customer service witnessed many benefits. The standard has facilitated the development and maintenance of solutions that are able to improve the operations of their clients’ businesses, increase their productivity and profits, earn greater market share etc. 5. Argument Approaches According to Microsoft Corporation (n.d.). application availability is considered to be the promptness of a software or platform to cater to the demands of the user with the desired reply or results.

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